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Nós do Forte

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Nós do Forte

‘Nós do Forte’ is a web document on the diversity of relations between people and the forts and fortresses of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

The webdocumentary aims to contribute to the opening up of the fortresses for the public use, both for the valorization of the historical and cultural patrimony, as well as for the establishment of links between the army and the population.

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From the initial menu, the web surfer has access to 5 videos about different links between 5 characters and the fortifications: a young soldier, a child, an elderly man, an athlete, and a fisherman.

‘Nós do Forte’ is part of the “Route of the Forts” that formulated proposals of tourist routes with the forts. The project was carried out by the Technology and Social Development Laboratory (LTDS) of COPPE, at UFRJ.

Language: Portuguese
Country: Brazil
Year: 2016

Multimidia director: André Paz
Assistant director: Marise Carpenter Elias
Executive Coordination: Roberto Bartholo and Flávia Mattos
Production: André Paz
Research and Content Advisory: Flávia Mattos
Designer and Illustrator: Gustavo Cleinman
Musical Selection: Fábio Neves
Music Track: Pro Samba Sambar / Piraquara (PC Castilho)

Directed by André Paz
Assistant director: Marise Carpenter Elias
Editing: André Paz and Marise Carpenter Elias
Production: André Paz and Flávia Mattos
Photography: André Paz and Marise Carpenter Elias
Musical Selection and Sonoplastia: Fábio Neves


André Paz
André Paz é professor da UNIRIO, pesquisador, diretor e produtor. Faz pós doutorado sobre narrativas interativas (UFRJ) e dirige projetos de documentário interativo.