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Meu Rio Vale Um Webdoc

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The project ‘Meu Rio Vale Um Webdoc’ is an innovative experience at the crossroads between video, photography and the interactivity of the digital environment.

The mosaic of “audiovisual postcards” of Rio that is presented is a collective creation of the student groups of the course Meu Rio Vale Um Webdoc.

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The platform ‘Meu Rio Vale a Webdoc brings five audiovisual postcards from each of the eight neighborhoods, communities or localities that host the ‘Naves do Conhecimento’ (Knowledge Ships) participating in the course: Irajá, Madureira, Vila Aliança, Padre Miguel, Triagem, Nova Brasília, Penha e Santa Cruz.

The course takes place in the Naves and Praça do Conhecimento, spaces created by the Municipal Secretariat of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro. The workshops are composed of 10 classes, totaling 30 classroom hours.

Throughout the program started in July 2016, students developed their skills in individual and group exercises, in a flow that culminated in the collaborative practice where each class produced the webdoc of their Nave, and together they assembled the great mosaic of the platform “Meu Rio Vale Um Webdoc”, conveying the message that the diversity of shared perspectives contributes to widening the perceptions of city, and world, of all of us.

Language: Portuguese
Country: Brazil
Year: 2016
Executive Course Producer and Platform: Felipe Varanda
Professor of Photography and Camera: Felipe Varanda
Creative direction, script teacher: Mayra Jucá
Platform interactivity designer and webdoc teacher: André Paz
Audiovisual editor and editing teacher: Silvo Arnault
Assistant editor and soundtrack: Renato Oliveira
Editorial Department: Clarisse Hammerli
Communication and social media: George A. de Araújo
Monitor: Márcia Verenna
Photography and camera (monitor): Leonardo Coelho
Camera and pilot drone (monitor): Ramon Gonçalves and Kadeh Ferreira
Graphic Design: Thiago Venturotti


André Paz
André Paz é professor da UNIRIO, pesquisador, diretor e produtor. Faz pós doutorado sobre narrativas interativas (UFRJ) e dirige projetos de documentário interativo.