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How will tomorrow be?

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How will tomorrow be? (Como Será o Amanhã?) is a collaborative, multiplatform documentary about future projections during the covid quarantine in Brazil.

We have art so that we may not perish by the truth

Friedrich Nietzsche

Brazil has been overtaken by pandemic and pandemonium. Making any kind of prediction is quite the challenge, but people need to face the present and glimpse the possible futures. The project is being produced by the extension and outreach program BugLab (UNIRIO), supported by Bug404, and is developing along different phases throughout 2020. (Click Here and see all the project’s links).


Our objective is to create a collaborative Digital Archive, which represents a diverse set of perspectives and affects through people’s future projections, in their homes, at this historic moment in the pandemic. After, in line with the material we receive, documentaries will be produced in different formats and platforms: linear doc, webdoc, virtual reality or video installation doc. Click here to visit our Instagram.


The overarching project of “How will tomorrow be?” is being coordinated by André Paz, a professor at the Rio de Janeiro State Federal University (UNIRIO) and the Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s Creative Media Graduate Program (PPGMC/UFRJ). He is also the coordinator of Bug404 (

In its current stage (Digital Archive), the project includes documentarian Felipe Carreli, a team of students from PPGMC and DEP/UNIRIO, the support of the Prorectorate of Extension and Culture (PROEXC/UNIRIO) and other collaborators.

Production and Creative Direction: André Paz. Editing: Felipe Carreli; Production Team: Yan Winicius, Juliana Fernandes, Letícia Mei, Ana Cunha; Original Photography: Victor Moriyama; Original Art: Julia Lobato; Collaborators: Graziele Saraiva, Felipe Varanda, Nina Saroldi.

Production: BugLab


André Paz
André Paz é professor da UNIRIO, pesquisador, diretor e produtor. Faz pós doutorado sobre narrativas interativas (UFRJ) e dirige projetos de documentário interativo.