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Beyond the Vision

Bug404 is supporting the project development of “Beyond the Vision”. It is an installation with performance, virtual reality, and 3D audio. The project is directed by André Paz and co-created by blind participants. The project is in development and held its first exhibition in November 2019.


Bug XR Movie Club

Bug404 and partners promote itinerant sessions of cultural and artistic works which utilize virtual and augmented reality and are geared toward dissemination and audience expansion. These sessions include discussion activities with researchers and creators. Every session has a specific configuration for exhibits and debates which are co-created with a partner, whether a university, business, art collective, cultural center, NGO, or school. The program is open to everyone and free of charge. Interested in holding a session? Just get in touch with us.


Bug Exhibition

The term bug has two meanings. It is both an insect and a programming error. Something unexpected, strange in the system. The BUG Exhibition showed these kinds of works: surprising and provocative pieces in the universe of the internet. It was the first and most comprehensive Brazilian exhibition regarding the broad field of interactive and immersive narratives. More than 50 works were shown, encompassing 4 floors of the Oi Futuro Flamengo Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro. The public was estimated at 10-thousand people.