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Coordinated by André Paz, “BugLab” is a Rio de Janeiro State Federal University (UNIRIO) extension and outreach program, active since 2017 with different projects every year. The program is supported by PROEX (UNIRIO Prorectorate for Outreach and Extension) and the active participation of university students, particularly those of the Cultural Creation and Production Laboratory from the Department of Production Engineering with an Emphasis on Cultural Production.

In collaboration with Bug 404, BugLab produced activities which promote dialog and collaboration between students, researchers, artists, producers, and the public. The program includes the projects “Virtual Dialogs” and “Interactive Hands On”. The first promotes the dissemination of innovations through online publications and events, including the production of the Cine Clube Bug XR sessions ( “Interactive Hands On” promotes the support of project development, advises on the creation of projects, as well as the co-creation and production of student work. Among the projects in development is the impressive “Beyond the Vision” (