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BUG 404


BUG404 is a digital platform about interactive narratives: webdoc, hypervideo, interactive documentary, electronic literature, sound maps.

BUG404 aims to contribute to the expansion of the field in Brazil through the following actions:

  • Research and divulgation of studies about interactive narratives in the world and Brazil.
  • Lectures, courses, workshops and events
  • Support to establish a brazilian network trough internet and events
  • Knowledge and technical support for interactive documentaries of partners
  • Production of strategic projects like Black-box and Bug Brazil

The term “bug” has a double meaning. It is an insect and a programming error, something unexpected and weird to the system’s programming. 404 or Not Found is the default message when we come across on the internet with a non-existent page.

So this is the proposal of the Bug 404: map and disseminate the works and interactive narratives that are references to the realization of projects not yet existing (404).  Alternatives poetics and promises for the development of new formats and languages.

Bug 404 was designed as an action research project, initiated by André Paz, in his post doctorate on interactive narratives in the Contemporary Culture Advanced Program (PACC / UFRJ) and COPPE (UFRJ), under the supervision of Heloisa Buarque de Holanda ( PACC) and Roberto Bartholo (COPPE), with support from Capes. Julia Salles, a doctoral student in the area at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), participates since the beginning.

BUG is research, communication and networking

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