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BUG 404 is a Knowledge Action Network which promotes dialog and cooperation between researchers, artists, creators, and the audience in the field of innovative, interactive and immersive narrative. Please see our press release to get to better know our program.

Coordination and Editing

André Paz

Associated Researchers

Ana Cunha, Felipe Carreli, Júlia Salles

Editing and Social Media Assistants

Letícia Mei and Juliana Fernandes


Paulo André Vieira


André Paz, Júlia Salles, Mayra Jucá, Cláudia Holanda, Felipe Carreli, Felipe Varanda


BUG LAB: Extension and Outreach Program (UNIRIO)

BugLab Coordination

André Paz

Production Assistants

Yan Saldanha, Letícia Mei, and Juliana Fernandes